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    Leak Detection: Our state of the art equipment finds leaks in the ground, in or under a concrete slab, or inside a wall. With this equipment, we locate and repair the leak with minimum disruption to the home.

    Re-pipes: Does rusty water flow out of your faucets? Does your water flow slower and slower? The most common reason is old galvanize pipes.

    Wizard Plumbing can re-pipe your home in one of two ways: copper pipe or PEX pipe.

    If you choose copper for your re-pipe, Wizard Plumbing uses only “L” thickness copper pipe. We will not use “M” thickness pipe because it is too thin and does not have the service life of the more durable “L” thickness. “M” thickness is false economy…cheaper to install, but shorter service life.

    Many homeowners today choose PEX for their re-pipe. The cost is less than copper with the same or longer service life. We employ only certified PEX installers.

    With either copper or PEX, your re-pipe can usually be completed in one day. We normally only need to shut the water off for a brief period near the end of the job so we can make the final connection to the city water source. We repair all walls at the end of the job.

    During a re-pipe, we place plastic runners in your home and use plastic liners to contain all debris. We leave your home as clean as we found it.

    Copper vs. PEX Pipe

    Here is some useful information to help you choose between copper and PEX pipe.

    Copper pipe has been widely used for many decades. It is durable, but very expensive because the price of copper has gone up dramatically along with most other metals.

    PEX pipe is made of cross-linked polyethylene plastic. PEX is more flexible than copper pipe so PEX is easier and faster to install. In addition, PEX pipe is less costly and highly durable.

    At your request, Wizard Plumbing will quote both types of pipe for your home.